Strange Creatures

Denim Dress- Current/Elliot, Black Thigh-Highs- F21, Black Booties- Sam Edelman, Black Rosary- Aldo, Heart Necklace- In God We Trust (Bonadrag), Rings- Free People (left hand), Rings- Vintage (right hand), various random bracelets, Bag- bought by my brothers in Namibia so ?, Necklace on bag- F21

My family refers to this Current/Elliot dress as "the sack" so I suppose it isn't the most flattering item in my closet- however, it works pretty well as a backdrop. I can kind of just pile on whatever else I feel like wearing and be pretty sure there will not be any huge issues with clashing. Oh wow, Joey(husband) is watching Ironman II right now and Mickey Rourke's character has the best blue streaks in his hair ever. Also, Robert Downey Jr. is still incredibly beautiful. Back in high school I was so in love with him that I xeroxed his face onto a bunch of computer paper and taped them up all over the school. I thought this was really rebellious for some reason- what a strange little teenager I was. That's all I have to say, but Boss Tweed (one of my two cats) wants to share something with you:

I think he is demanding a cigar. Or really, really upset about the return of minimalism. He wants to out-boho you. He wants it bad.


  1. Oh no that thing is not a sack. That is Current/Elliott. I once went to a sample sale in their warehouse that almost claimed my life. It was totally worth it.

    You look amazing. Those OTK stockings bring it! YEAH!


  2. Wow, really cool outfit. and a very nice blog. I'm now following you, please follow me back (:


  3. Hey again! So cute. My husband thinks some of my things are "sacks" too! But, you're right, looks great with lots of piled on accessories. You pull the outfit together really well. Love your cat, but I dont think he can out boho you;)

  4. Hahaa your cat is so funny!!

  5. Oh my cat can out-boho anyone. Bring it, he says.

  6. Wow your really look amazing!