They really are that good.

Army Shirt- TNA (Aritzia), Velvet Mini Dress- Free People, Taupe Suede Litas- Jeffrey Campbell, Stone Necklace- BCBG

I promised myself that I was going to be more original and ignore the Lita craze, then I realized that they really are that good. More comfortable then many flats I own, beautiful heel that looks somewhat like a carved antler (according to my husband, but he just returned from a hunting trip in South Dakota so maybe he just has antlers on the brain), and a large enough platform to attract hilariously disapproving glances at Target. I know this because we went to Target after taking these photos, and people were staring at me like I was wandering through the store kicking over displays or something. And this is on Halloween. There were shoppers wearing tails and wings. Anyway, if you are teetering on the edge of purchasing the Litas- just go for it. I am already considering which ones I want next. Maybe the red leather? I have been driving everyone crazy by demanding they try one on to experience their strange Nike-esque bounciness.
This has been a pretty laid-back Halloween weekend for me due to a convergence of many uninteresting factors, but I am still completely determined to have a horror movie film festival with my husband and cats tonight. The problem is, I am a movie snob and hate unnecessary gore. So that narrows down my options to pretty much nothing. I wish there were like fifteen really great sequels to "The Shining". Now that is a quality horror film. It seems like the Japanese, Koreans, and Italians make all the best scary movies, and we haven't made a good one since the 70's. 
Now I am officially rambling, and will stop after I implore you to VOTE!! I assume that most who are reading this understand how important this election is- no matter which side you are on. So this Tuesday, don't forget! My vote is pretty much useless because our no good very bad man of a governor will undoubtedly be re-elected (red state), but it's still incredibly important to stand up and be counted- otherwise, you have no right to complain about anything your elected officials do. I am starting to sound like P-Diddy (remember the whole Vote or Die campaign back in '04 which made it sound like if you didn't vote then P-Diddy would come and kill you? That was rather ill-advised) and should probably stop here. 
One more thing- don't forget to dress up your pets, take pictures, and post them on the internet. Because an internet without cats and dogs in costume is an internet I don't want to be a part of. 


  1. I love your dress!!
    If only I had the money for a pair of Litas, haha :)

  2. God, thank you for saying something about voting. Our governor, Jan Brewer, is a racist nut job, and I made a post about it on my blog and I got a nasty anonymous comment saying that I "sounded like an angry person," and I should "stick to talking about fashion." Whatever... it's important for people to talk and have DISCOURSE about this stuff! So good for you.

    Literally, that taupe color that you got was the only color I really wanted. But I just bought a really similar pair from Topshop so I couldn't.

    And watch The Descent. It's scary as hell.

  3. Ohh I love this! Especially the jacket and shoes.

  4. your look is AMAZING! The whole combination, thanks for following me, and you got a new follower too!

  5. Excellent combination of super stylish pieces, your style left me speechless! Especially your previous post! Definately following! Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana.

  6. The heels, the necklace, the jacket, the hair... everything is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  7. OMG I'm totally in love with this outfit!
    Especially the dress and the shoes!
    They're great!

    &Thanks for following me!
    Still can't believe you haven't got more followers, you've got such an amazing style!

  8. Haha! I know EXACTLY what kind of stares you got at Target...even in new york...mainly on the subway, people stare at your shoe choices and if they are platforms...forget it! EVERYONE will wonder how the hec you you made it down the subway stairs without falling! Anyway, cute outfit...love the shoes!!


  9. This looks so fantastic. You're freaking killing it in those Lita's. I was on the fence about the Jessica Simpson Dany's for a year...bought them about a week ago and want to wear them everywhere. I live in a small beach community and people stare at me like I've lost my mind. Whatever, they're AWESOME!

    You did a great job with the entire outfit. Seriously - the little twinge of military is wonderful.


  10. Wauw... i really like your pic's :)
    looove your outfit !!


  11. you have such a gorgeous blog. i'm sortof living vicariously through everyone who owns the lita's. i just know they would look monstrous on my midget feet/body! the look great on you. glad to hear you love them!

    thanks so much for your comment on fashionhash. i'm a new fan/follower of fashionlitter. keep it up!



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  13. I love this outfit and the booties are Ah-mazing!!