Cable Knits, Pendleton, Solvang, and my mom

Cable-Knit Sweatshirt- Free People, Grey Cutoff Shorts- I don't remember, Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell, Handbag- Pendleton, Rings- Free People, Oversized Cuff- made by my mother : ), Black Rosary Necklace- Aldo

I know this is my second post today, but I wanted to share a few recent acquisitions. I have become completely obsessed with cable knits (the more oversized, the better), and this Free People sweatshirt has recently joined my ever-growing rotation. If you are a regular reader then you may have noticed that this is my fourth outfit post in a row to feature my black Solvang Clogs. This is because they are the perfect shoe. I actually like them better than the Litas, from what I have seen (scandalous and shameful, I know). On to the little Pendleton bag. It actually came to me quite by accident- my father bought it at some man emporium for manly men who like to hunt, fish and do other manly men activities. I snatched it up the second I saw it at my parents' house. So, uhm I suppose I might have technically stolen it? Anyway, my incredibly talented mother made the huge cuff in the second photo- I actually asked her to copy it from a picture of a mystery person's beautifully decorated wrist that I saw on Facehunter. Well, I suppose that's the rundown on my current favorite possessions. I am starting to bore myself so I am certainly starting to bore you. Have a lovely evening, I am off to watch what will most likely be a cheesy horror film from the 70's. Sometimes I think my interests are a wee bit out of the mainstream.


  1. love your shoes! you always look great!

  2. yeah! Your blog's back up!
    Love the cuff!

  3. wow! the accessories are super great.