How Soon Is Now?

You would not believe how excited I was to find more photos of the mystery girl I am so enamored by (remember her from the colorful hair post?), and see that not only is she even more beautiful and well-dressed than I thought she was- her tattoo seems to reference one of my favorite The Smiths songs. If you have never heard "How Soon Is Now", then I highly recommend it- along with "This Charming Man" and basically the rest of their discography. Morrisey and Marr were a magical pair.
Anyway, the last two photos have nothing to do with my new style icon (I am going to be rather embarrassed when she turns out to be someone really well-known whom I don't recognize). I just thought I should share with you (hello, you) that I will be shamelessly copying the doodles (I hate the word "doodles", but there really is no synonym) on the denim shorts pictured above. I already have the perfect pair in mind. Also, I need that bag in the last photo. The variables for hilarity are endless. Imagine trying to get on an airplane, or into a movie theater, or basically anywhere. Carrying that tote is like asking for some kind of magical adventure. Or spending a wee bit of time in some sort of airport frisking cavity search nightmare. Well, I am hoping to have time to do an outfit post tonight after Joey and I get home from work, so I will babble at you some more then. 

pics- all from Facehunter/Yvan Rodic Blog 


  1. Haha! Please let us know if you ever get the bag and of your adventures when you are wearing it!!

  2. I left Free People to take a job as an assistant stylist, then left there to work for a Canadian company called Aritzia that just opened a store in Dallas- you should check out there website, they have really cute stuff- it's aritzia.com

  3. Love this photos!!!
    Compliment =)
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you come to mine and follow me!
    Thanks =)


  4. Wow that girl has serious style! I will be copying those doodles too... and her tat is really too cool for words!

    have a lovely evening sweetie!


  5. i know that girl,she's in hongkong now