Improving Nature

These are my favorite examples of the technicolor hair that has been popping up seemingly everywhere for the last few seasons or so. I had light pink streaks in the front of my hair like Dree Hemingway post-Giles S/S '10 (the first photo) for a bit, but they kept washing out and never quite looked right. For some reason it's hard to get people (and by people I mean certain hair colorists) to understand the difference between cotton-candy pink and hideous Avril Lavigne pink. So I gave up. However, I am still a huge proponent of hair colors not found in nature and am sort of considering the My Little Pony streaks in the third photo.

I guess now that it's Friday I can officially say happy Bachelorette Weekend to Langley Meek! You are more beautiful than all the beautiful things (and all their beautiful colors) in the world!

pics- whatannaloves, fashionising, nylon mag, hanneli


  1. The first pink hair looks really good, very cute and doable. :)

  2. plz don't think i'm nuts but the other night i was watching the soap chanel and kate from days of our lives totally has the dark streaks like in the second picture. it really grew on me!

    i like the pink best....i bet the weather girls will be sporting this look momentarily. and wearing bathing suits. hahahaha


  3. Wow they're putting dark blue streaks in soap opera stars' hair?
    Getting edgyyyyyy on Days of Our Lives.

  4. Hi! Thanks for leaving a message on my blog and thanks for following! Love your style and all of your rings :))) i want!
    xoxo ChloƩ

  5. the second picture is amazing!
    love your blog :)

  6. hello margaret! thankyou for following my blog, i must say that these photos sort of change my view a little on dying hair in crazy colours! the photos here actually make it look pretty natural and i think it looks great!

  7. HAHA youre the best in describing colors . cotton candy pink . avril lavigne pink . my little pony streaks . genius or what !