Pretty Pictures, Good Advice, and the Ramblings of a Maniac

There is no real theme tying any of this together. So I will just leave you with two thoughts:  

1)I am excited about Alexa Chung For Madewell so much that I feel like the black velvet dress with the little white collar is an unbelievably beautiful friend who just happens to be creepily needy and has figured out a way to haunt my dreams.
2)Sidney Poitier was beyond hot when he was young- if I were the type of person who used words like "smoldering" to describe attractive men, then this would be a case where I might just do that. However, I am not Cosmopolitan magazine (and THANK GOD FOR THAT). 

Ok, happy beginning of Fashion Month! 
pics- Wildflower Blog, Aritzia Blog, Fade To Black, Aritzia Blog, Fashion Gone Rogue, I don't remember

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