Be Sparkly, Star Child, and Live Forever

Here are some favorite street style pics from the fashion month festivities (so far- I have high hopes for Paris). I added the beautiful and ethereal Sofia Ajram photo because it is beautiful and ethereal and I get to do that because this is my blog. Also, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend (hi, Travis) earlier today that ended somewhat like this- Me: "My children will probably be sparkly and live forever" Him: "See you later, star child". I thought the picture fit this snippet of conversation quite well. Joey (my husband) is very adamant that I wrap this up soon so we can watch "The Anniversary Party" before his bedtime, but very quickly I shall hit the highlights of this weekend. Jil Sander (well, Raf Simons) goes technicolor! Fake engagement between two close friends that involved severe drunkenness and one of my cheapo rings! Lots of Bob Dylan! Super sketchy party that I hazily remember wandering through for a few minutes that had pretty lights and smelled like Christmas! Still not being allowed to join the Strapping Virile Manly Men Book Club! Ok, the exclamation points are getting annoyingAll I have left to say is that the shredded sweater at the top seems to operate under the same concept as a shredded t-shirt and is therefore an enticing DIY.  

pics- knighttcat, knighttcat, jakandjil, facehunter, sofia ajram


  1. I'm LOVING the sweater on the first picture and want to know what that cross is?! Necklace? Pin? I love it! great collection of pics.



  2. Lorin- I studied that first pic for an inordinate amount of time and have come to the conclusion that its a very delicate rosary of sorts (you can make out a thin chain if you look closely)

    I am following you now : )

  3. wonderful inspirations.

    Take a look at my blog, too, if you'd like :)