Abbey Lee and Something Magical.

I have always been a fan of Abbey Lee Kershaw, even back in the day ('08-'09ish?) when it seemed like she was falling and fainting on runways right and left. I am a sucker for model street style just like everyone else, but it seems as if some models are given credit for their style when anybody so tall, thin and beautiful will naturally look great in whatever they wear. If the average person throws on black leggings, a white T, and ankle boots, it's just an everyday outfit- if Lily Donaldson does, its "simple but sexy" or some other euphemism for "really boring". Anyway, Abbey Lee has always been one of those models who really does have a great aptitude for putting an outfit together. The above photo (you would not believe how much I geeked out over her new white-blonde hair)is one of my favorites from NYFW. Ok, on to the Something Magical. I believe that is an amalgam of bracelets in the photo below Abbey, but am not completely sure. All I know is that it is awesome, looks like it involves a scrunchie-type element, and could have a Tom Binns something thrown in there (hence the tiny safety pins?). I keep staring at it, trying to figure out the logistics of a DIY, and am now wondering if this Magical Thing is actually all one giant bracelet. Hopefully someone who knows will come across this little blog and let me in on what this is. Oh, and I like the gold nugget necklace too. 
Happy Monday, and happy London Fashion Week (how great were Topshop Unique and Charles Anastase?)!

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  1. get a twitter. I need your musings throughout the day. twitter.com/notthatmiriam

  2. i have no idea how twitter operates or even exactly what it is. complete mystery to me.

  3. it's just like facebook status updates, all day. i like it, just another small circle of people to read about. with that and fbook and blogs, im almost constantly reading these days

  4. I have just stumbled across this post... By now you probably already know who the designer is but if not I think it looks like one of Berts bangles from his Yorkshire Pearl label: http://yorkshirepearl.blogspot.com/

    Also I think the gold nugget pendant is by Imogen Belfield: http://www.imogenbelfield.com/

    Both great emerging British designers...

    S x