Everything is Illuminated

Tie-Dyed Top- Maggie Ward, Cutoffs- I forgot, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, long fish necklace- F21, various random jewelry

If you haven't heard of Maggie Ward, I highly recommend checking out her latest lookbook- everything is really beautiful. I was so excited to see this scarf-esque top at Co-op today and decided we were meant to be together (I also decided an Isabel Marant Etoile coat and I were meant to be together, but the price tag was disapproving of our romance). 
My husband has decided that a tripod will be necessary for any further night time photography adventures, and I think I concur- these pictures are a wee bit nutso. Anyway, right now all I want to do is lay down on the couch and fall asleep to Blood Simple (yes, I am the kind of sicko who finds Coen brothers movies relaxing- Fargo works like an Ambien). 
So far London has been the perfect antidote to the overall mehh of the NYFW shows- Acne and Holly Fulton have joined my list of favorites. Sorry New York, I just ain't no minimalist.
OH! And to demonstrate how great my mother is- I called her tonight to ask if she had seen my last post because I wanted her opinion on the Magical Wrist Thing. She had already begun picking it apart and planning a DIY- kind of like a couple years ago when she figured out how to do Raquel Allegra better than Raquel herself. She is quite the artiste, my mom.
Ok, most fragmented post ever ending...now.


  1. Raquel's stuff is just so.......blaaaah

    but I do love how she acts like its some big SECRET but everyone knows how to do it, there are online tutorials like crazy

  2. haha I actually have a lot of respect for the fact that she was the originator of the whole shredding thing, and certainly does it best (I mean, compare her to Hero Crane- that shit is done by machine, whereas hers is beautifully handmade).
    However, it is quite hilarious that she acts like there is some secret formula involved- you just shred an effing shirt.

  3. Margaret,
    I recently found your blog and I am enjoying it thoroughly. You have great style and your interesting which is not very common in blog world. How did you like Blood Simple? I purchased it out of a Walmart 5 dollar bin and was pleasantly surprised. And yes I am starting at the beginning of your blog and working my way forward. Lame? Perhaps.