Yes, I am wearing a hat.

dress-Free People, hat-Aritzia, boots-Steve Madden, silver cuff-Fallon, black orb ring-Marc Jacobs

Generally speaking, I am firmly in the anti-hats on Margaret camp. This is partially due to the enormity of my head which renders even headbands difficult to wear, and partially because when I see someone in a hat they just seem so determined. I always imagine the hat-wearer is thinking thoughts like "I will be jaunty" over and over again. The point is, hats make me uncomfortable. But I think I like this one- I would certainly rather evoke Charlie Chaplin than Vanessa Hudgens (you know, she of the High School Musicals and President of the Perennial Giant Floppy Hat Brigade). Ok, hat talk time is over! On to NY fashion week! I am really excited about what Anna Sui sent down the runway, and just sort of eh about Marc Jacobs- I get the whole 70's Taxi Driver reference, but just can't work up much enthusiasm about it. Maybe I am still too excited about his fall collection and getting my hands on more giant knitwear in muted colors.


  1. you should know, my new morning routine involves drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, and reading your blog before work at the ungodly hour of 7:30. so please, keep it up.

  2. awww miriam you make my day- the sad part is, when I imagine you doing that it involves you smoking a CLOVE cigarette like in college, which is now illegal and how sad is that?

  3. uh, they aren't illegal, they just have to sell them in smaller packs. which is unfortunate. but probably better for my lungs, no?