Splendor in the Grass

sweater-Free People, velvet mini dress-Free People, necklace-BCBG, most other jewelry vintage, silver cuff-Fallon

I probably should have edited down these photos more (seven is a wee bit excessive) but the 90 degree weather (instead of 500 degree oven satan oppresive heat that makes you want to hide in an ice bath all summer and ((gasp)) be anywhere but Texas), fall clothes, and little patch of grass we tracked down were so intoxicating that I just posted them all for your viewing pleasure.   But just in case pictures of me pouting in a courtyard don't set your dopamine receptors on fire, watch the movie Splendor In the Grass! Even if you think you hate old movies (1961), it really is just beautiful and perfect for early Fall. The title (of the movie and this post) is a line from a Wordsworth poem that is so so wistful. I would print it here but I can't figure out how to get the indentations correct- Blogger likes to make everything as difficult as possible. Or I am really, really bad with computers- probably more likely. 


  1. Absolutely in love with that incredible necklace!!

  2. thanks- it was very inexpensive (like 20something?) and i got it recently so they probably still have it