But for now we are young, let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see

Dress- FP, Scarf- Intermix, Boots- Vera Wang Lavender Label

I really, really wanted to be mysterious and smoldering for this dress and even attempted a dark eyeshadow disaster (that sounds like the name of a terrible band that adolescents would enjoy) but realized it was not to be and just went with my overall paleness. Oh well, contrast can be good sometimes. There was also a problem with what the Japanese like to call daikon ashi (radish legs) which basically means stumpiness- thanks boots! Ok, so now that I am finished picking myself apart for your reading pleasure, how 'bout them there fashion shows?  So far I am excited about Suno, Rebecca Taylor (unusual for me, but exciting nonetheless due to the non- prohibitive price points)and parts of Alexander Wang. I am in the minority I suppose because Charlotte Ronson bores me- it looks like what everyone has been wearing for the past two years. I do not understand all the hype. But that's the beauty of fashion- if it weren't subjective then it would just be math, which I find terrifying. This is the reason that I hate, hate, hate that show What Not To Wear- it takes people who have their own unique look going on, forces them to throw all their clothes away, and leaves them with like three incredibly safe and boring outfits. I could probably write a dissertation on this topic, but will instead just say that people who try to apply rules to fashion are the worst and should probably have stuck with Algebra.


  1. I know, her show was so blah! it was almost like she just picked pieces from Urban Outfitters over the last couple season and remade them. boooooring. but it's more for the masses I guess? ugh anyway, you do not have stumpy legs, duh

  2. haha I know I don't have stumpy legs but the boot height+dress length=illusion of stumpiness. but ya, charlotte ronson is aimed at the masses which is why it weirds me out that people are acting like it is high art or something- this isn't gareth pugh, you know?

  3. That dress is great! I have never been a fan of Charlotte Ronson. Her stuff is just... meh.