All You Need Is Love

Army Jacket- Trouve, Sequin Dress- Jenni Kayne, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Rosary- Aldo, various random jewelry.

I wish the sequins on this dress were more visible because they really are beautiful, but you get the overall effect. I just looked at the Dries Van Noten collection and was sort of disappointed considering it is usually one of my favorites, but I am not here to talk about Dries. I am here to elaborate on the quick mention from my last post about the mind-blowing Pamela Love presentation. 

Here is one of the better close-up shots I have seen of some of my favorite pieces. I would wear all of this together- when it comes to accessories I sort of just pile them on like a five year old. I guess I would be the opposite of Coco Chanel (you know, the whole take one accessory off blah blah blah before you go anywhere blah blah blah thing that everyone seems to think is the best style advice ever). I like to file that little snippet in the "Audrey Hepburn and Other Overrated People, Concepts, and Advice" part of my brain. Anyway, in case you were wondering about the beautifully deconstructed dresses the models are wearing (and you were, you know you were), someone who was at the presentation told me that a friend of the designer's went through a process including but not limited to dyeing, sand burial overnight at the beach, and burning (yes, burning) to get the garments to look like that. Sooooo a DIY would probably be a hilarious failure. Goodnight.


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  2. I love your outfit! And that dress is so cool, amazing how they got it to look like that too

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  5. I love the backdrops for your pictures. Plus, the lighting is so pretty! Love the boots. :DD

  6. gah! love you in that sequin dress. it's gorge...perfect w/the boots and the stark background ties it all together like a dream!!


  7. Love your jacket!

    Just came across your blog!


  8. LOVVVVVVVVVE the jacket...and necklace. Great pieces.