Playing Dress Up With My Cats

oversized red knit sweater- Free People, black long skirt- American Apparel, booties- Sam Edelman, black rosary- Aldo, The Who tshirt- vintage from Ahab Bowen, rhinestone necklace- vintage from Venus and Mars (in Nashville), various random jewelry.

After a Blue Mesa dinner tonight (hatch chile festival- quite good actually), Joey (husband/photographer) and I decided it was time to try taking some photos in our apartment. Such close proximity to my closet and all our random crap everywhere made this quite entertaining. Another plus was the presence of our cats, whom I suppose I should introduce now that I have been blogging for a few months. Boss Tweed, our white Persian, is visible in the fourth photo. He came to us quite magically while we were in college. He is enormous, sweet, and rarely moves-  except at the behest of Sherman, our other baby, who can be seen in both the fourth and fifth pictures. Sherman also came to us quite magically around my birthday this past summer. My family owns a ranch in Alabama, and he had been caught in some type of cage trap while we were vacationing there. When the handyman let him go, he wandered up to our house and decided I was to be his mother. People usually want to know the entomology of their names- unless they are just humoring me- so here we go: Boss Tweed was the leader of the Chicago political machine during the mid-19th century (and also had his hand in shady mob activity). He is generally pictured with a hefty white beard and mustache along with a giant cigar between his lips. When I first saw cat Boss Tweed, the facial hair resemblance was too uncanny to consider any other name. On to Sherman: it was rather mysterious for a house cat to be wandering around in an isolated area of Alabama, so we decided that he was the reincarnation of General William Tecumseh Sherman attempting to re-enact his famous Civil War-ending march to the sea. However, cats are notoriously lousy at leading pillaging armies, so he came back to Dallas with us. Boss and Sherman are best friends and (hilariously) do everything together. I should probably name this post "Everything You Never, Ever, Ever Cared To Know About Margaret and Joeys' Cats". 
I really don't have anything fashion-related to say except that I am obsessed with the Pamela Love presentation and am convinced she is the most talented jewelry designer out there right now.
Apologies for the lengthy and rambling post!


  1. HAHA we should start a cat blog called "Boss, Sherman, and Liza" and it would just be pictures of the cats doing important things like when Liza sits in her think tank.

  2. Loving the red oversized top in the first outfit! I like the necklace against it, too. You look most fabulous. :)

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